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Pittsburgh Collaborative Law Attorneys, Mary Adamczyk, Esquire and Lauren P. Hamilton, Esquire

Divorce is often portrayed as being highly combative and emotionally draining. However, many couples choose to use the collaborative divorce process in order to end their marriage without the animosity and the expense that a contested divorce can exact.

In collaborative divorce, the parties involved commit to reach agreement on critical matters such as child custody and visitation, property division, and spousal support without litigating. If either party threatens to litigate, the process is halted and both attorneys must disassociate themselves from the case. Each party still retains legal counsel for guidance and protection throughout the process.

Two attorneys at Adamczyk Law Offices, L.L.P., Mary Adamczyk, Esquire, and Lauren P. Hamilton, Esquire, have completed special training in collaborative law. Collaborative law is designed to increase the communication, cooperation, and compromise that occur during negotiation, while minimizing or eliminating the combative environment that pervades a number of divorces. In addition to working with lawyers, couples that use the collaborative process may also use the services of other professionals who are trained in the collaborative process such as child psychologists, financial professionals, and family counselors.

The collaborative process is suitable for any kind of divorce if both parties have the proper mindset and attitude. Often, couples that are committed to maintaining a positive approach to parenting together after their divorce find the collaborative process most beneficial, in part because both parties are able to retain more control over the look and feel of their post-divorce lives.

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