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How to Evaluate a Law Firm

The attorneys of the Adamczyk Law Offices, L.L.P. in Pittsburgh explain how to evaluate a law firm and list what qualities you should look for in a lawyer.


People looking for a good lawyer usually start out by asking a family member or friend for a reference of someone they worked with in the past.  However, the lawyer you were referred may not practice the area of law you need, or have a personality that meshes with yours.  It is important to interview more than one lawyer so you can feel confident in your decision.  Some cases take months or years and your attorney will be in your life for a long time.

IF YOU DON'T HAVE A REFERRAL SOURCE we can provide the names of past clients for you to contact. Also you may find it helpful to look at our client testimonial section to see what our clients think of us personally not to mention our performance and results in their case.

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Here is a list of qualities you should look for in a lawyer:

  • Experience and knowledge You wouldn’t want your case to be the first one of its type that your attorney handles.Ask for past case experience and results.
  • Strong and wise An attorney should appear strong and formidable in the court room instead of arrogant and brash. A calm, wise and strategic attorney would likely garner respect from their opponents and judges, not to mention jurors if the case was before a jury. Again, consider whether you would be better served by a radio, billboard or television personality or a consummate professional.

The decision maker whether it is a Judge or Jury each must come to know the lawyer to be competent and prepared not to mention like the lawyer for these reasons and others in order to obtain the best result. The same is even more true with respect to jurors in a jury trial.

  • Compassionate and sensitive Family issues such as child custody and other delicate household issues should be handled compassionately. Being sensitive to your children’s well-being is important for any attorney that comes in contact with them. This means taking into account long term repercussions and the contemplation of settlement rather than trial if more harm than good would come to the child in litigation.
  • Integrity Lawyers are often perceived in a negative light. A law firm that has integrity and handles their cases in an ethical manner will always be successful and well-respected. Adamczyk Law Office’s has been rated by Martindale Hubble as a firm of distinguished attorney’s with only the highest ethical standards. 
  • Office capabilities Your lawyer’s office staff should be welcoming, patient, and accommodating. Many people work, or have other responsibilities which may make appointments hard to keep. A pleasant office staff with good communication practices with their clients will add to the attorney’s appeal. Here at Adamczyk Law Offices, LLP we recognize from the top down that a law firm is a service business and we remind ourselves of that every day.
  • Should your lawyer be considered an ambulance chaser? Consider how that attorney comes across in advertisements. Do they point their finger? Do they by their conduct and advertising diminish the standard of a professional? Do they hold themselves out in such a manner that they do not keep the dignity, professionalism and standard of someone who holds great respect for themselves and their profession? Do they promote themselves or the profession and all the good that lawyers do? Do you think prospective jurors would have difficulty accepting the personality of an Edgar Snyder and Associates type of lawyer and firm?  If you would like to evaluate our law firm for your personal injury, employment, or family law case, contact the attorneys of the Adamczyk Law Offices in Pittsburgh. We can be reached through our contact form or call us at (412) 345-3594.