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Success: Where Other Attorney’s fail, we succeed

Examples abound on television of attorney’s who mass market for personal injury cases. Facts make or break the case as the saying goes but often decisions are made by these attorney’s based upon volume considerations i.e., the marketing strategy that permits them to cherry pick easier cases while refusing others that may very well be meritorious with a lot of hard work, positive and creative thinking and much investigation. Attorney John Adamczyk has handled many such cases successfully. A few cases in point are as follows;

  • A teenage girl exits an under 21 dance event and crosses a busy highway with her friend with cars parked for 50 yards up each side of the road surrounding the premises. She is in a hurry because it’s raining, fails to see a car speeding by, is struck and suffers very serious injuries. Lawyer after lawyer turns down the case because so called “dart out” cases are difficult to prove the driver at fault and the driver told the police she was going the speed limit.  No traffic violation was issued to the driver. With creative thinking and investigation the driver was proven to be at fault for speeding after skid marks were measured, the poor condition of the tires were assessed and the weather conditions factored in by an expert in accident reconstruction. The Defendant was asked at a deposition to go outside of her lawyer’s office into a parking lot to demonstrate how far she was away from the accident victim when she first saw her. It was revealed that if she were going the speed limit, she would have been able to stop in time to avoid hitting the Plaintiff let alone that she was traveling too fast for weather conditions at a location where a busy social event was taking place. The case was settled before trial for a significant sum of money. See our section involving the many thank you letters we get including the one relevant to this case authored by our client Amy.
  •  A boy of age 14 drowns in a neighbor’s pool. Pools are considered as normally dangerous where no liability for accidents would attach unless the pool itself is somehow defective especially when as in this case, the boy could not swim well yet assumed the risk of swimming. Edgar Snyder & Associates turns the case down. Attorney John Adamczyk investigates and finds out the owner of the pool was inside sleeping while he allowed this pool party to go on without adults supervising the children. Moreover, witnesses revealed that the pool water was so dirty that one could not see the bottom and could not see the line designating the shallow from the deep end. The rope across the pool designating the deep from the shallow end also should have been hooked up but was removed. The boy jumped from the slide toward the end he knew was shallow. Not being able to see where this change in depth occurred due to the conditions caused him to not jump far enough, land in the deep part and drown. The insurance company for the home owner went from no settlement offer to a very substantial settlement offer and the case was settled.

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