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Many may believe that like most aspects of their lives COVID-19 has also caused a great interruption in the ability to assert one’s legal rights.  However, when it comes to emergent family law issues such as child custody, child support, and spousal support, such is not the case.

Likewise, new and existing personal injury cases involving car accidents and the like may be filed and pursued with vigor.  While there are no jury trials available now the process is such that if the case does not settle upon presentation of the claim to the insurance company with accompanying medical documentation then a jury trial would take place later anyway after litigation protocol is pursued.  As such, you would be prepared for trial if required in an ordinary manner if indeed you filed a personal injury case today.

As of May 28, 2020, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has issued a twenty-eight (28) page opinion on how the Courts are staying open to serve and how all appropriate safety and precautionary methods are to be used to make sure the Court is safe for all.  Go to to view the same.

The bottom line is that we at Adamczyk Law Offices have never stopped working and remain ready to serve your legal needs now, under the protocol set by the Courts.  While this may be temporarily different as in the case of hearings by telephone or Microsoft Teams or Zoom in some instances we have adapted and are proficient in the use of this technology.

Indeed, in some instances, what was previously viewed as a burdensome court process has been eliminated or streamlined or has permitted attendance remotely to allow access to the Courts.  One example is the mandatory custody education seminar required when filing a custody complaint.  Instead, all litigants are just required to read the materials from home.  Custody mediations are handled remotely now avoiding the need to come downtown to the courthouse likewise, support cases are also handled remotely.

In sum, the Courts new approach could be more advantageous for many to meet one’s legal needs promptly and efficiently.

Here at Adamczyk Law Offices we are up to date and well equipped to guide you to the prompt justice you deserve, pandemic or no pandemic, just as before, just as always.